Software Developer

[A full CV is available on request]

Skill Summary


  • Over 10 years experience in software development - GUI (Web and Rich Clients), server and systems programming in Windows and Unix environments, client/server and multi-tiered architectures
  • Held positions requiring team leadership, user requirement specification, product development, systems integration testing and quality assurance
  • Experienced in OOAD, UML, Design Patterns and Antipatterns and Software Quality
  • Expertise in C#, C++ (+STL) and C
  • Good knowledge of Java and "Web Technologies": JavaScript, XML, DHTML, XHTML and XSLT
  • Good knowledge of Database Management Systems (SQLServer, Oracle and MySQL)


  • English: Mother tongue
  • French: Fluent

Career History

Since February 2006 : Technical Consultant - Teamlog France

Member of the integration team on the SNCF's Accelio(in French) project (a large smart client application based on the .NET Compact Framework). Responsibilities include software quality assurance, application design, validation and verification.

April 2003 to December 2005 : Quality Analyst/Developer - Teamlog, France

Consultant at the SNCF, responsible for analysing and advising on software quality on a number of projects

Also designed, developed and maintained a number of applications, tools and components shared between different projects. Most notably these included:

  • an API for the SNCF's reservation system
  • a multithreaded messaging service for the rapid transfer of messages between two distributed applications
  • an authorisation API for .NET
  • a web application for timesheet entry

November 2000 - December 2002 : Product Developer - Knowledge Support Systems, Manchester, UK

Member of the development team for the product PriceStrat: a complex tool for the optimisation management of product prices for the retail industry. Repsonsable mainly for the design and implementation of a number of complex screens (C# and Window Forms). PriceStrat was awarded a Microsoft Retail Application Developer award in early 2003.

Developer of the Web based product QoSIPS, a tool for the pricing of IP products and services. Designed and implemented the data access layer and much of the business logic layer. Also designed and implemented several screens of the GUI.

July 1998 - October 2000 : Software Engineer - FASL, Manchester, UK

Software Team Leader for the AODB and FIDS systems for airports at Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto. Responsable for the specification, implementation and test of new functionality and its delivery into operation on site.

Specific development tasks included the functional specification, design and implementation of an IATA message processing subsystem and the development of a component for displaying flight information on LCD arrival/departure boards .

July 1997 - June 1998 : Software Engineer - Thales Information Services, Manchester, UK

Software Engineer on a financial settling system between electricity generaters and suppliers. Designed the database structure and designed and implemented the data acces layer.

October 1995 - July 1997 : Software Engineer - FASL, Manchester, UK

Software Engineer for the product AODB installed at Hong Kong airport. Designed and implemented a form of middleware which automatically distributes database updates to remote database sytems of other airport applications.


  • 1994 - 1995 MSc Information Technology University of Teesside, UK
  • 1988 - 1992 BSc (Hons) Combined Studies in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics Heriot Watt University, UK

Personal Projects

Developer of the Dependency Structure Matrix Plugin for Lutz Roeder's .Net Reflector : a tool for analysing inter-module dependencies of .NET assemblies. (